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GTECH Services (Hong Kong) Limited, through a Management-Buy-Out from GEC Hong Kong, was established on 19 January 2001. GEC Hong Kong was established in 1911 and was a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent company, General Electric Company plc. GEC Hong Kong had been operating engineering business for a century in Hong Kong and had participated in most of the infrastructures such as tunnels, airports, railway and other large projects. GEC Hong Kong was once the largest comprehensive electrical and mechanical engineering company in Hong Kong.

In the establishment of GTECH, all managerial and technical staff were transferred from GEC Hong Kong thus its culture, competence and reputation of over100 years has been inherited. Experience and expertise are retained intact.

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GTECH Services ( Hong Kong) Limited are providing a total and sustainable solutions to customers through:

  • Innovation
  • Integrating Technologies
  • Team Work
  • Partnering
  • Competitiveness 

英國通用工程(香港)有限公司(簡稱GTECH)是通過管理層收購前「英國通用電器香港有限公司」(簡稱前公司) 於2001年1月19日香港成立。前公司是英國總公司「英國通用電器公眾公司」在1911年於香港成立的全資子公司。前公司在香港經歷百年的成長,參與了大部份的基礎建設,如鐵路、機場、隧道等大型項目,成為當年在香港最大的一家綜合性機電工程公司。



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  • 綜合科技
  • 團隊精神
  • 夥伴合作
  • 競爭能力 

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